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Speed limit drops throughout Edmond | News

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Speed limit drops throughout Edmond
Speed limit drops throughout Edmond

Officials with the Edmond Police Department want residents to be aware of a recent change in the speed limit in two areas of the city.

Drivers along Covell, in between Santa Fe and Thomas Dr., will need to slow down as the speed limit has dropped from 45 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour.

The drop is the same on Kelly from Danforth to Coffee Creek Rd.

Authorities say those areas are considered a construction zone and officers will be handing out tickets for speeding.

Those tickets could cost you.

Drivers caught traveling 10 miles over the speed limit will face a $119 fine, while those driving 11 to 15 miles over will face a $139 fine.

If you forget about the change and decide to go 45 miles per hour in those areas, you could see a $549 fine for going 20 miles over the speed limit and reckless driving.

The construction is expected to last throughout the summer and into the fall of this year.

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